Orange County DUI Lawyer

Driving Under the Influence in Orange County

Driving under influence or DUI laws in California are not the strictest in the United states of America. At various forums, they say, the DUI laws are considerably tougher in New York, Florida, and Illinois. The worst state for booze and weed fans is Arizona. However, a drunk driving offence could influence negatively your career, your freedom, and your whole style of living too. You should not forget about it and treat it lights. Officers in Orange County do not take DUI’s gently. Fines and Lawyer cost are also very Expensive in Orange County as well.

In California, like in other states, the legal limit of alcohol is 0.8 and for a commercial driver the limit is just 0.4. To check the level of drink or drug intoxication, different blood, sobriety, and breath tests, are used as it is required . If you refuse to pass such type of test, you driving license will be automatically suspended. Breathalyzers and field test are a usually routine in Orange County.

Consequences of DUI and DWI in California

In spite of nonchalant attitude, the penalties for drunk driving could be rather significant and painful. The offender could be handcuffed, taken to the police precinct, detained for two days minimum, probated for 3-5 years, surely, according to the court verdict. The driving license is taken by a District attorney, a temporarily license is given for 30 days, permitting the lawbreaker to move to his or her work and to take part in alcohol treatment programs for 90 days. The total fines and fees for the first offence could reach $11,000.00. For the second offence – $15,000.00. And for the third one – $18,000. While committing a drunk driving offence for the second time, the wrongdoer could even get 10 day imprisonment, and for the third one 120 days in jail. Besides, the driving license could be taken for the whole three years.

Though, if the accused wants to have the punishment mitigated a bit, a DUI attorney could help the suffering person a lot. They are permitted to conduct negotiations, the offenders don`t have such rights. The cost of such legal professionals range from $2,500 till 6,500.00.

Hiring an attorney

If you committed a misdemeanor and were stopped by police, after some hard or high party with blood level intoxication exceeding 0.8, the best thing you could do is to calm down and to look through the list of best California attorneys in your smart phone. In this case Google and Facebook will be your best friends.

Like in any other state, the Internet is full of well respected law companies offering DUI defense services. What tips could be given to you in such situation.

First of all, seek a Orange County DUI lawyer , not a civil lawyer, or somebody else. Driving laws are very specific in this state. So, you need a plug-and-play pro, but not a guy with a legal diploma in sphere of International Law.

Secondly, pay attention to the experience of some definite lawyer. The longer experience, the more trust. Practice makes perfect. That is the old truth.

Thirdly, try to look through any additional information about the lawyer. Various forums, reviews, blogs and articles, just in five-ten minutes, will paint the whole picture, relating to the legal watchdog you want to hire to protect your rights.

Fourthly, the style of communication, chosen by the lawyer, singled out by y

ou, says a lot. Taciturn wet blankets are not the best choice. They could be either philosophers, soaring high above their clients, or just people, hating their life and their profession at the bottom of their hearts. Lawyers with Facebook profiles, open e-mails, faxes, phones, ready to render their legal assistance at any 24/7 time, look considerably better. They have nothing to hide, they are open hearted and active towards all those who address them.

Orange County's best DUI Lawyers

Fifthly, being detained in Southern California, you are to seek a DUI attorney in Los Angeles or in San Diego, and being arrested in Northern California, you are to seek your defense counsel in San Francisco or in Oakland. Local nuances are to be kept in mind. As CNN once declared, “Think globally but act locally.” In California it works.

Besides, you should not forget that in all DUI cases time is a vital thing. The more quickly you start acting, the better for you. The faster you find a DUI lawyer the more chances you will get not to be put in prison.

And finally, the price of legal services means a lot too. Nobody wants to overpay and to be fooled around by some legal shark. The lowest, as well as the highest rates, sound suspicious. Losers and fat cats are not the best choice. Average fees look professional and reliable too.

Long Term effects of DUI Lawsuits

Conclusion. On the one hand, drunk driving or drug driving is just a misdemeanor, and a lot of people treat it just like a hilarious moment in their lives. On the other hand, the consequences of such light weighed and careless attitude could influence the whole life of a lawbreaker. Do you remember “ The Effect of butterfly”? Yeah, it relates not only to sci-fi literature, but also to our daily life. Any wrong step made today could lead to unpredictable challenges in our close and far future. So, if you get into trouble and you don`t know what to do, call immediately 1-800-852-8005. One of California DUI lawyers will come in contact with you at the same moment. Besides, while driving your car, don`t forget the old English proverb, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The best variant, not to loose your head, and to refuse to drink, even if all your friends start shouting Down the hatch!’ or something else at a hard party. You are responsible for your life and for the life of those who encircle you. And just try to imagine, how much money could you save saying No’ to the drink before home driving. This simple but courageous step could save you up to $18,000, and to prevent you from 120 days in jail! That is “The Effect of Butterfly” in drunk driving practice. Surely, not everyone of us, could take under control all his or her actions. Nevertheless, try to be among the chosen, and to do it at the nearest party, fest, Christmas or St.Patrick holiday. Remember that DUI police and DUI lawyers don`t sleep, they watch out and they are attentive…